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Both General and Auto Code have:PCAndroidiOS
Search Options
Code number
Model and year
Key blank
Lock type
Key type
ISN (InstaCode Serial Number)
Search on any combination of criteria
Other Features
Number of different key blank manufacturers525252
View key blank pictures & profiles
Define preferred Key blanks manufacturer
Graphical layout which displays the key blank
Intuitive user interface
Live updates from the Internet
Add your own code series
Make your own depth/space cards
Master Keying Module included
Build a grand master keying system and download it to your machine
Password protection available
Sort key blanks into desired order for display
Shows picture of cut key
Stores key hook for each key blank
Stores client information
Stores user notes against each series2017
Supports laser and plunge cut keys
Your choice of display units (inches or mm)
Select manufacturer
Print Ilco Universal II
Print a whole series
Print the current code and it's data
Print Transponder
Configurable printer and printer paper tray
Key Machines (Direct communication)
Keyline - Bianchi 883 Transponder key reader/writer
Keyline - Bianchi 993 Power Lynx
Keyline - Bianchi Versa
Keyline - Bianchi 994-Laser
Barnes BD Laser
Silca UnoCode - Original
Silca Quattrocode with speed control
Silca Triax
Silca Futura
Ilco UltraCode
ITL - 9000
JMA ProCode
ECM 200
Information for manual key machines
Ilco Universal II
HPC 1200 Blitz
HPC Punch
Add-on OptionsPCAndroidiOS
Find bitting
-- Find partial bitting in associated series
-- Progression chart to eliminate wastage (cutting tree)
-- Queue of keys to be cut (both machines and printouts)
-- Lock wafer positions
-- Wafer swapper
Vehicle opening instructions
-- Complete ASP catalogue featuring colour picture
Transponder programming instructions
-- Complete ASP catalogue featuring colour picture
-- Remote programming instructions
-- Airbag safety instructions