Compare InstaCode Live features

All plans have:
Search options
Code number
Model and year (automotive only)
Key blank
Lock type
Key type
ISN (InstaCode Serial Number)
Search on any combination of criteria
Search by VIN
Other features
Number of key blank manufacturers 52 52 52
View key blank pictures & profiles
Setup preferred key blanks manufacturer
Graphical layout displaying key blank data
Intuitive user interface
Live updates from the Internet
Add custom code series
Make custom depth/space cards
Master-Keying module included
Build a grand master-keying system and download it to your machine
Optional password protection
Sort key blanks display order
Show cut key picture
Maintain key hook info
Stores client information
Stores user notes against each series
Supports laser and plunge cut keys
Your choice of display units (inches or mm)
Print Ilco Universal II / HPC 1200 / Blitz Cards
Print Transponder info
Configurable printer and printer paper tray
Key machines
Silca Futura
Silco UnoCode V1, V2, 199, 299, 399, 399 Evo, 399 Plus, UnoCode Pro, Triax e-Code, Triax Quattro, Triax Pro, Viper, Futura V1, V2, QuattroCode
Keyline Dezmo, Ninja, Ninja Laser, Ninja Vortex, Ninja Total, Versa, Sigma Pro, Gymkana 994, New console 994, Bianchi 993, 994
HPC CodeMax, Blueshark
Ilco EZCode, UltraCode
ITL 9000, 950
JMA Avantcode, Procode, Multicode, XCode
Laser Key Products machine
Miracle A4, A6, A9
Xhorse Condor XC-Mini
Information for manual key machines
A1, Curtis, Framon, HPC 1200 Blitz, Punch, Ilco Universal II
Add on options:
Find bitting/wafer swapper
Find partial bitting in associated series
Progression chart to eliminate wastage (cutting tree)
Queue of keys to be cut (both machines and printouts)
Lock wafer positions
Wafer swapper
Transponder programming instructions
View transponder parts
Keyless entry
Airbag safety instructions
Car opening
Lock decoding instructions
Keyless entry
Airbag safety instructions
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